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  • What Is Mastering in 2020? Aims and Functions

    In 2020, defining what mastering is has become more complicated to explain. It goes against the typical trends you have in any industry. The more established a sector in any given market is, the more evident their function within that market becomes. With mastering, this has gone the other way round. The more mastering studios/ […]

  • Inter-Sample Peaks (ISP’s)

    Inter-Sample peaks are one confusing topic! People sometimes freak out after reading about them on forums around the web and they call me to make sure the master they just received from us is ISP’s free! Before we delve into the technical details, we need to realise there are 3 camps: 1. People who claim […]

  • 88.2KHz or 96KHz?

    Sometimes I get in mixes which have been printed/exported at 88.2KHz. It seems some people believe that working at 88.2KHz somehow will translate better once converted down to 44.1KHz. The reason behind this is because 88.2K it’s a multiple integer number (x2), and therefore, once down-sampled, no approximation will be needed. This is¬†rooted in the […]