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  • Who Are We?

    We are artisans of sound, sonic sculpturers or, more conventionally put, we are  a professional mastering studio based in the UK.

    Since its opening in 2004  we have served both chart toppers and independent musicians.
    We were one of the first mastering studio in the UK to offer  “online mastering” services.

    Although we are blessed enough to own some of the finest equipment on the market, what we really pride ourselves on, is the attention to detail we give to all projects (big or small). While you work with us, we will always try to make you feel reassured that your music is in safe hands  by establishing very good communication channels (and yes,  you can always reach us at any time!).

We are a smaller company then the big boys, but we provide the same high standards day in, day out.

Why Choosing Us?

    • We Are Good!

      Ok, you wouldn’t expect us to say anything less would you? 😉 But simply put, you will find very few other mastering studios in the world offering the quality we provide regardless of the price.

    • We Are Honest and Transparent

      Although in today’s economy this is as rare as a pink Unicorn, we do not have hidden charges lurking around and we DO NOT undertake ANY job if we are not 100% sure we can deliver it on time or if, in our opinion, the project is yet not ready to be mastered.

    • We Love What We Do!

      Ok, this might sounds obvious…but after all these years, we are still über-passionate about making artist sounding the best they possibly can!

    • We Are Respectful

      We understand perfectly that not everyone can be top charters! We understand that even the biggest musical genius had to start from somewhere. So, whoever you are, if you make music, you have our respect and you are going to be treated accordingly.

    • We Are Fair On Our Prices

      You can find studios that charges less (even a lot less) but you’ll also find studios that charges tenfold what we do. So how did we set our fees? Simply put, we earn enough to make a living. We don’t believe undercutting out competitors by setting out rates super low or overcharging our clients by abusing their trust, is either good or smart in the long run.
      Our rates represent  what we believe to be an honest hourly rate that reflects the quality of the services we offer and the professionalism applied to every project we undertake.

    • We Are Still Learning

      Doesn’t matter who you are, the day that you think you know it all, is the day that you should retire. Learning is a big part of becoming successful and we are humble enough to admit, that from time to time, things could have been dealt differently. BUT, we always have shown the will to learn and not to commi the same mistake again. THIS IS WHY, IN THE LAST 5 YEARS,  100% OF OUR PAST CLIENTS WHERE COMPLETELY SATISFIED OF THE SERVICE THEY RECEIVED! And no, we did not make this one up!

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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Over the last 10 years we have developed a unique workflow which always keep us in contact with the client. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! In our experience, once things are explained and agreed by both parties, having them done is a piece of cake. There are no problems in this business, only solutions!

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