One question we are asked from time to time is if it is possible to have a new mix submitted for mastering instead of the old one.
This normally happens when it has become clear that the original mix had some mixing issues which cannot be addressed in full at the mastering stage.
Sometimes clients assume that because the mastering settings have been saved, it is a simple procedure of slotting the new file into Samplitude, replacing the old one and then exporting the new master.
Unfortunately this is not the case. As all our mastering jobs go through our analogue chain, it is therefore impossible for us to produce a quick new version. Everything needs to be: recalled/re-calibrated/re-recorded and finally re-exported and sent via ftp.

This is the main reason why we are forced to consider any new submission as a brand new track and therefore charge accordingly.

Some mastering studios do all their mastering jobs “in the box” and for them it is just a matter of minutes. For us it could take up to an hour (especially when the original masters were signed off and all the re-call sheets may have already been shredded).