Swift Mastering is officially certified by Apple as an authorised provider of MFiT masters.

What does “Mastered For iTunes” means?

This means that when you commission the delivery of MFiT masters from us, you can be rest assured that they will meet the strict Apple guidelines and that they won’t be rejected by iTunes.

What is the difference with Apple’s MFiT masters?

The difference lies in the way the masters are prepared and optimised for the new iTunes Plus AAC encoder.
Mastered For iTunes masters will have a tighter bottom end and smoother top end (when compared to the normal AAC for iTunes) making them sonically closer to the original uncompressed masters.

Apple’s Sound Check

One of the main advantages of having your masters MFiT ready, is iTunes Sound Check.
Sound Check is a feature built into iTunes where the loudness of all albums in your playlist is analysed before playback.
This way, all albums will play back at roughly the same level (same technique is used in Radio Broadcast).
The problem here is that uber-loud masters will therefore be played back at lower levels, whereas quieter and more dynamic masters will played back louder.
The downside of super-loud masters is that, when loudness-matched to more dynamic and less squashed masters, they will always sound flatter and with less punch.

In other words, you could consider the whole of the MFiT program, as Apple’s answer to the epic Loudness War!

As a general rule, MFiT masters will always have more headroom and be more dynamic.

For more info about Mastered For iTunes Program, please visit the Apple website:

Apple Official MFiT Page

Or just give us a call on 0207 4986691 or email us