We have heard both!Here at Swift Mastering we like to think we have priced our services in the fairest way possible.
Sure there are other studios out there who have cheaper prices than us, but we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality of service.
Let us give you some examples:

1. We do not master “in the box” and we do not use templates either. All the mastering jobs we undertake are treated on an individual basis using our analogue mastering chain.
2. Our room has been carefully designed and tuned in order to achieve +/- 10dB across the spectrum
3. We do have a dedicated QC (quality control room) where your masters will be checked thoroughly before we send them to you
4. Your mastering session will be automatically backed-up on our server for a period of six months. No need to worry about losing your masters.
5. Real credits
6. Fifteen years experience in the business.
7. Free consultation and mixing evaluation. You are welcome to discuss your mixes directly with the ME either over the phone or in person!
8. We are the first mastering studio in the world to offer true interactive online mastering. Please check our online page for more details.
9.We love what we do!