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What Mastered For iTunes (MFiT) Means?

Swift Mastering is officially certified by Apple as an authorised provider of MFiT masters. What does “Mastered For iTunes” means? This means that when you commission the delivery of MFiT masters from us, you can be rest assured that they will meet the strict Apple guidelines and that they won’t be rejected by iTunes. What

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What Is a PMCD or P+Q CD?

A P+Q audio CD, more commonly referred to as PMCD (Production Master CD), is a Red Book standard CD that is used by pressing plants for CD duplication/replication. Due to the highly delicate nature of this procedure, a normal audio CD burnt with a standard CD writer is normally not good enough. Unless specialised hardware/software

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What About Hidden Charges?

There are no hidden charges. Every quote you receive from us is inclusive of all the charges. If any extra work is required, from what was originally requested or planned, it will be charged as an extra but only after you have agreed to this. Let’s suppose for example you decide to re-mix your track

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Do I Have To Pay For CD’s?

All materials including CD-R’s, Audio CD’s, P+Q Masters, DVD’s and P&P will always be included in the original quote we send you. However, you do also have the option to use your own CD’s (except for the production of P+Q Masters) if you wish. Please bear in mind that the studio will not take any

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