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Without a doubt, the best way to make sure your original vision is preserved at the mastering stage, is by booking  a mastering studio to work alongside the ME on your project.
By doing that you’ll benefit from:

1. A level of control only possible through a live interaction with the ME

2. Time. You are sure, once the session is over that  you’ll leave the mastering studio with your finished masters

The main downside will be the travelling involved to physically attend the session. Moreover, remember to take a few books with you as, let’s face it, it can be extremely boring to sit on a sofa for 8 hours watching someone’s back.

So what if you cannot travel at all, or are simply too busy to be here for your session?

  • Welcome to iNTouch Mastering, the new interactive online mastering service from Swift Mastering!

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Control Over The Session


Certainty To Meet Tight Deadlines


Interaction with your ME


Accuracy in Evaluating The Masters


Time Spent Travelling


iNTouch mastering brings to you the benefits of attending a mastering session with the practicality of the online mastering.
The cost for an iNTouch session is even slightly cheaper than an attended one. It is a truly win/win deal.
With iNTouch mastering you will have to book the studio, as you would an attended session. The difference is that you won’t have to be here with us and you can go on with your business while receiving real time updates about the progress of your mastering session.
This brings enormous advantages:

1. No need to travel
2. You’ll have your music mastered in one of the best mastering studios in the UK
3. Masters can evaluated in your own favorite listening environment, while the mastering session is still going on
4. When more people are involved in the decision making process, they can do that with ease, even being in different countries within different time zones!
5. Nice and neat working environment, where all feedback is logged chronologically for everyone to see.
6. Live interaction with the ME, either via email, messenger or Skype/Phone

To find out more about this service, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer all your queries.