Our Famous 3 Steps Online Mastering

Swift Mastering has been one of the very first studios in the UK to offer online mastering services. Over the last decade we have managed to develop an amazingly effective online mastering experience, which is the very next best thing to actually physically attending the mastering session.

Our 3 Steps online mastering service has been developed to make sure, that you always feel included with your mastering project, while giving you an unprecedented level of protection. This is very important if you are a new client whose trust is still to be gained.

In other words, there is no way you cannot be FULLY SATISFIED with us.

We achieve this by blending together several key aspects of modern workflows:

professional consultancy (mix evaluation, production choices etc…)

constant and reliable communication scheduled to suit your needs

project management platform support (?) for a neat and uncluttered working environment

But that is not it…

Stretching this concept further, we developed a new and innovative service called iNTouch mastering which is the closest thing we know of to an attended session. This service combines the benefits of sitting in during the session with the practicality of the online framework. Please read here for more information.

We believe online mastering doesn’t have to be a one way street, nor does it have to be informal or detached. This is why after more than 10 years in this business we are still here, going stronger than ever.

The online session however, can be fit in around the studio’s schedule in order to minimise down-time. This is why online sessions are generally cheaper.

More importantly, an online session will have communication going between client and ME from the word go. There will be a phase where your mixes will be listened to and comments will be made in order to maximise the results of the whole mastering process.
Once the actual mastering session has been scheduled, constant updates will be issued, either via email, telephone or other platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook etc. as it is preferred by the client) until the job is finalised.

Online Mastering | Myths and Truths

O nline mastering studios are allegedly located in small bedrooms, run by untrained people showing on their sites equipment they do not own and boasting fake credits they never got.
Although there is an element of truth, it is safe to say that just a small minority belong to this category.
If in doubt, cross-reference the studio’s credits, give the studio a call to setup a meeting, or check they show on their site a valid landline number and full postal address.
Moreover, we are aware of websites that offer automated mastering services. The so called robot-mastering where you can have a track mastered at the click of a mouse. It is not our intention to criticise nor denigrate such services, we just want to merely state that we are not one of them and that:

  • nothing is either automated or batch processed in our online sessions.
  • we do not use trainees for our online sessions

Online Mastering At Swift

From our famous online mastering services to our innovative iNTouch mastering platform, we like to add a personal touch to everything we do.
From the time you make contact with us, until the final delivery we will always stay in touch by email, phone or social media in order to suit your schedule.
Hundreds of people have used our services over the years, give us a try and find out why!

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