How A Turntable Works

A vinyl has a physical waveform sculpted into the plastic and when the needle goes through it, it will convert those peaks and dips into an electrical impulse.

It is quite clear that the turntable’s job to plough through those grooves, it is a very difficult one, that requires a perfectly calibrated playback system. Moreover, if this information is to be converted into digital domain, only the best professional gear should be used in order to convert those “plastic valleys” into one and zeros on a CD.

78 RPM

78 rpm records were the standard format before the 33 rpm vinyl came out. Just a quick search on Ebay will show how big this market still is.

The problems with 78’s are the following:

1. Most modern turntables won’t play at 78 rpm speed
2. 78’s are old made of shellac, which is quite fragile
3. They are old and therefore need to be cleaned thoroughly to be played properly

The good points about 78’s are:

1. Well, only one….most of them have never been printed to vinyl or CD. So they represent an invaluable source of previously unreleased music!

This is where we come in.
If you have 78’s that need to be transferred to CD or high-def media suach as DVD-A, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

For more info about 78’s, please read this article on ebay

33 & 45 RPM Vinyl

Vinyl is back! Last year saw the biggest rise in sales in nearly 20 years!

As a mastering studio, we saw a huge increase in demand for vinyl mastering and over the last couple years we have made more masters for vinyl than in the last 10 years put together.

As you would expect from a mastering studio, we only use top notch equipment (Technics, Rega, AT, Bryston etc…) before hitting our analogue chain /AD converters.

Please bear in mind that this is the Rolls Royce of vinyl transfers! We do capture and save audio in high definition and we deliver the final masters on DVD-Audio 96k 24 bit

For more info please get in touch